Our mission from day one has been to manufacture durable, economical, and contractor-friendly coating systems for residential, commercial, and industrial projects that can stand the test of time.


Our coating systems were formulated to help contractors meet tough deadlines despite changing weather and job site demands. On the job, installers can mix-and-match A and B sides to alter cure time, gloss level, durability, and more. Partnering with reliable raw material suppliers ensures that we can offer a high-quality product at a low cost.


“We love the Kretus product line. Jeremy the GM/Technical Director plays a big part in our success with Kretus coatings. He provides prompt & accurate advice, can always be reached and with his great attention to detail, makes for a predictable and outstanding end result. Our customers are very happy with the looks, functionality & turnaround time, whether it’s the Topshelf epoxy line, Kretus Polyaspartic or the easy to work with cementitious urethane. It’s refreshing to bring products to the jobsite that have the work time allowing for proper install while cure time is fast enough to satisfy a quick return to service.
Another reason Kretus works so well for us is that it’s immediately available from JonDon inventory; key in helping our bottom line to lower inventory, helps our customers with always having fresh product plus allows us to select the right coating for any application, even if there are last moment changes.
Keep up the great work Kretus & JonDon!” – Theo, Impact Floor Solutions

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