Top Shelf® Epoxy – 100% Solids Mix and match KRETUS Top Shelf® Epoxy components to meet your installation needs. Our 100% solids, two-component system can be adapted for changing environmental conditions. Mix any Top Shelf® resin with any Top Shelf® hardener to vary epoxy’s cure time, chemical resistance, mil thickness, moisture vapor resistance, and more.

Compare technical data to find the Top Shelf® Epoxy application that’s best for your next project.

See all Top Shelf® Epoxy standard and premium colors.

Learn how to mix and apply our Top Shelf® Epoxy to get the best results.

Safety Data Sheets:

Top Shelf® Epoxy, Part A (A-, COVE-, CR-, LG-, T-Resin) SDS
Top Shelf® Epoxy, Part B (AP, EZ, FAST, MVR-EZ, MVR-FC, TH) SDS
Top Shelf® Epoxy Accelerant SDS
Top Shelf® Epoxy Colorant SDS
Top Shelf® Epoxy UV Additive SDS

Kit Sizes:

1 1/2 Gallon    •    15 Gallon    •     150 Gallon


Top Shelf® Epoxy Colors