Urethane Polymer Concrete 100% solids, 3-component system with mix-and-match versatility—designed to withstand hot and cold industrial pressure washing, high abrasion, and extreme temperatures from -40°F to 266°F


Review product data to find the UPC (Urethane Polymer Concrete) application that’s best for your next project.

Review technical data sheets for individual products.

Add color to UPC.

Learn how to mix and apply UPC to get the best results.


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Project Planning

Urethane Polymer Concrete, Part A (RC/TT, SL/MF, WC/VC) SDS

Urethane Polymer Concrete, Part B (WC/VC, RC/TT, or SL/MF and -AP, -EZ, or -FC) SDS

Urethane Polymer Concrete, Part C (MF, RC, SL, TT, VC, WC) SDS

Poly Accelerant, Part D SDS

Urethane Polymer Concrete Colorant SDS


Kit Sizes:

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UPC Colors