Our Story

Answering an industry call for coatings that could adapt to ever-changing job site conditions, Kretus Group Inc.® was founded in 2007. Our mission has been to create high-performance coatings that meet contractors’ varying requirements for each client’s specific needs.

The name Kretus is derived from the Latin word for concrete, which is concretus, meaning compact or condensed. Based out of Southern California, we design coatings with contractors in mind and end users at heart.

Innovation began when our lab team developed the first of our mix-and-match modular systems: Top Shelf® Epoxy. By swapping one hardener for another, installers could adjust an epoxy’s cure time and durability. Following its success in the field, our lab techs went to work formulating four more modular product lines to give skilled installers more flexibility and control on the job. And client satisfaction to boot!

Partnering with reliable raw material suppliers ensures that we can provide a high-quality product at a low cost. As a family-owned company, we’re focused on building long-lasting relationships. By offering technical training classes, bimonthly Q&A sessions with our technical director, and on-the-job assistance, we strive to give contractors every opportunity to make their next installation a success.