Testimonials thankful for our outstanding customers

“Very nice, professional and friendly staff. Kretus products are easy to apply. Due to their extensive line of products, we have made them our primary supplier.” –Jevan, It’s So Clean

“The Kretus training classes are very helpful. The One-Day Garage Floor Application class took some doubts I had in my mind away and I learned a few extra tips about epoxy!” –Salvador, Orange Coast Coatings

“Kretus products are so good and easy to work with. They give the finished floor a nice look.” –Rubelino, RH Contracting, Inc.

“I am trying to start a new adventure in garage epoxy flooring and the Kretus training classes really help me a lot. They have great information. Thank you Kretus!” – Gabino, Angelos Waterproofing

“The Kretus Top Shelf® line is made for contractors. It’s easy to use and their modular system gives me the flexibility to work in all environments and any condition.” – Paul, Bear Waterproofing

“I like using Kretus Top Shelf®. Perfect working time. I like the flexibility of choosing different hardeners from fast to AP and the materials are always in stock!”– Dago, Duggan and Associates

“The Kretus product line is a complete, easy to use, installer friendly flooring system. The Kretus brand, two component epoxy patch, Easy Patch, is a quick effective way to repair defects in the concrete surface prior to coating. The “Top Shelf Epoxy” is a multi-functional epoxy product with a variety of curing and application options. It can be used as a moisture reduction barrier, a primer, a broadcast coat, and or a finish coat where acceptable. Finally the Kretus polyaspartic topcoat, similar to the “Top Shelf Epoxy” in terms of flexible options, is an easy to apply, high gloss, UV resistant, durable floor finish product. All Kretus brand epoxy and polyaspartic systems are easy to install with consistent, positive results.” – Carlos, So Cal Specialty Coatings

“Like ease of use, workability & durability. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use the Kretus products. Not only did I do my floors, we also built our own countertops and coated that with Kretus Top Shelf® Epoxy. Kretus Top Shelf® Epoxy is Awesome!” – Steve, Homeowner