Polyurethane KRETUS® Polyurethane HP and HS are high-solids, two-component systems perfect for high-traffic areas such as forklift loading zones, valet drive aprons, and commercial walkways. Choose from various Polyurethane HP (High Performance) products to change appearance from satin to gloss and increase UV protection when needed. Polyurethane HS (High Shine) is designed for high-build applications where a top-performing sealer or top coat is required

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Safety Data Sheets:

Polyurethane HP, Part A, SDS

Polyurethane HP, Part B, SDS

Polyurethane HS, Part A, SDS

Polyurethane HS, Part B, SDS

Poly Colorant SDS

Kit Size:
HP Gloss:    1 1/4 gallon  •   5 gallon  •   50 gallon
HP Satin:      1 1/2 gallon  •  5 gallon  •    50 gallon
HS, FC and EZ:     1 1/2 gallon   •   5 gallon  •   50 gallon


Poly Colorant Colors