Acrylic Polymer Concrete KRETUS® Acrylic Polymer Concrete is a durable, cost-effective, and low-maintenance system ideal for new construction and restoration projects. KRETUS® Acrylic Admix is a high-solids acrylic co-polymer hybrid that will increase the strength, flexibility, and adhesion of KRETUS® cementitious systems

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Safety Data Sheets:

Acrylic Admix SDS
Base Coat, Texture 2.0, and Texture 3.0 SDS
Acrylic Admix, concentrate SDS
Fast Control (Acrylic Polymer Concrete Part C) SDS
Slow Control (Acrylic Polymer Concrete Part C) SDS
WB Colorant SDS

Kit Size:
Admix:      1 gallon   •   5 gallon   •   50 gallon
Basecoat Texture 2 & 3:       50 lb bag   •   56 bags/pallet