Glossary description of product advantages

        Adhesion –

Adheres to multiple substrates: concrete, wood, metal, non-glazed tiles

            anti-micRObial –

Stops bacterial and fungal growth

           Chemical Resistant –

Resists chemical spills and cleaners (see complete list in KRETUS® Chemical Resistance Chart)

             Cold Cure –

Can be applied at or above 40°F

           Elongation –

Resists damage and cracking when stretches

        EZ Clean –

Requires little effort to maintain (see KRETUS® Maintenance & Cleaning Guide)

         Flexibility –

Has high elasticity

              Freeze cure –

Can be applied at or above -20°F

           Green building –

Eligible for LEED points, produced in California from partially recycled materials

      High shine –

Gives high gloss and reflectivity to surface

    High Traffic –

Stands up to vehicle traffic and continuous pedestrian traffic

     hot tire resistant –

Curbs delamination caused by hot tires

     Impact –

Fortifies against damage from dropped tools

     Low odor –

Has zero to low VOC—no offensive odor during application and cure

     Low Shine –

Decreases glare and sheen

           Low Traffic –

Ideal for common pedestrian traffic patterns

      Moisture vapor Resistant –

Reduces moisture vapor emissions

            Scratch Resistant –

Conceals minor scratches

      Stain Resistant –

Withstands exposure to household chemicals and food/drink items (see complete list in KRETUS® Chemical Resistance Chart)

      Thermal Shock –

Meets the demands of freeze-thaw cycles

           UV Resistant –

Protects against deterioration and discoloration from intense lighting and sun exposure

                  Water Proofing –

Protects surfaces and underlying areas from water intrusion